You're right ...

It does have it's limitations - same is applied when using RIFF -:)

In this case, the 'assumptions' made (taking common song progressions) are:-
* if you press the FILL in a 7th, walk to a MAJOR.
* if you press the FILL in a MAJOR, walk to a MAJOR.
* if you press the FILL in a MINOR, walk to a MINOR (**)
* For other progressions, maintain current table OR use Alternate bass line (feature we have in STYLE MODE - BASS)

Of course depending on style of music you play, you still have limitations regardless ... but at least this gives you something to start with and as we develop more styles in different types of music, we will expand (also with hopes that the Arranger technology expands too), but for now, the bass line isn't too 'smart' ... yet, but better than having a redundant bass line through out the style Arrangement.

And your suggestion with the Chord Sequencer is well taken and intuitive indeed!
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