Hi all,

I'm taking it upon myself to make all official AJAMSONIC demos that I can find available over here.

Unofficial demos over here.

I've found the following:

* This is extracted from the new video so there will be visual effects that demonstrate more of what is happening - hence the lack-of-playing-too-much from 00:03 - 00:37 (talking and playing at the same time isn't easy!)

* At 00:20 - the new pads come in (assigned to LOWER1 voice).

* At 01:03 - the new ORGAN BARS and RHODES Piano are heard in style as the new EU-B3 Organ is played on the right/lead voice. Notice how the RHODES Piano plays in a subtle but yet present way (using both Parallel and Close style mode - but ... the style is programmed such that it changes these automatically, hence generating the feeling of variation within a variation!!!)

* At 01:37 - the new BRASS comes in (not so 'in your face' but you will know they are there!)

* From 01:44 - 01:45 - New 'Smart' Walking Bass lines that lead you into next measure (noticeable in Fills) ...

* At 01:54 - the new Choir voices (Ahhh and Ohhh) played by Chord 2 and Chord 3 in style come in as lead horns are played. Also new LIVE GUITAR comes in ... subtle ... but there.

* At 02:45 - new Smart WALKING BASS LINES programmed into FILLS! These sort of 'lead the fill' into the next measure/bar.

* At 03:01 & 03:18 - Listen to how the BASS line perfectly follows as 'decending chords' are played in real time on Arranger.

* At 03:37 - Real Live Ending (Programmed into ENDING-1)... as you would experience with a LIVE band! Ending 2 and 3 are musical (following the official KETRON Style Programming guide)!

* Notice the balance, panning, mix and sparing use of effects
* Notice the over all presence of the style
* Song being played was made up ... by simply being inspired by the style (of course I played this way after the style was completed so I could have a clear 'head')

AJAMSONIC RnBlues_3.mp3 (125 downloads)

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