is like update a firmware. different is that is more big.
I think they don't sell online only for illegal copy. today we have an example. if is got update ok I don't think his audya has warranty problem or other. because audya look the pen at startup and serial. and if finish good then is like original. the way for sell online and don't risk is more than one. for example thay can do you must copy all content of usb into harddrive then more fast and secure install before start. the answere is only one: like today the illegal copy. I can understand all people has 1 or more illegal copy of software. but please:
I'm Italian and I know ketron, is not yamaha or korg or microsoft. the example of today is a way to kill them.
I'm difficult too for spend 50 but for that I'm happy to do because this support ketron to go and don't stop
we want kill like gem ? hope no

if ketron sell many pendrive like keyboard they have the good think to continue in future. if they sell less or half because nobody update or many use illegal copy then of course stop working on it.
I think all people have audya don' want that appen

please buy original pen drive thanks
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