I was a bit ott. However I would suggest Tommy check with his distributor about his warranty status and order a genuine USB pen to overwrite the damage caused by using the cloned pen drive. As for not knowing it was illegal...everyone knows downloading copied stuff is illegal, they just do it anyway.

As you know Ketron already make the small OS and patch files available freely online, but when it comes to style and sound updates I do not believe it to be unreasonable for then to ask a relatively small ammount of money in return.

But the main reason for not making this availabe as a download is because of the risk to the keyboard (elements of the software write directly to hardware, not just to the hard disk). The larger the downloaded file, the more increase there is of something going wrong. Even one byte of corrupt data could cause huge problems for the Audya. I talked with Ketron Italy at length about this and they are 100% correct:

the USB pen supplied by them is the by far safest way to deploy large upgrades such as this.