Hi Fran

With regard: Personally I can't think of one advantage for awkward chord fingering of this method[any key to the left of root etc,]..Maybe Roland is just adding this to entry level boards to have a comparable feature to other entry level boards..

It surely is not advanced and I can't see it necessary on Top of the Line arrangers..

Yamaha, Technics, Korg, Gem, Wersi have all used the same method for years(at least 10), now Roland have moved over to the same method. This method is available on all flagship models including Tyros, KN7000, Korg PA1XPRO, Wersi Abacus, etc etc, also according to Roland UK it will appear on any new Roland Flagship/s

I think any system is only awkward if you're not used to it Fran.

Kind regards