Well, Charles, if the G 70 was too heavy for you, then I suspect the E 60 will be too and my E 80 weighs 50 pounds bare so that is probably too heavy too. I hear the E 50 is pretty much a toy and not a pro board for gigging. One of our members bought the E 50 and already swapped it for the E 80 and said he should have bought that in the first place.

I would say the Technics KN7000 is one of the best for gigging but with the company out of business now you would need to buy two and they arenít cheap. I sold mine to a dealer for about 2500.00 not too long ago.

So I guess that leaves you the tyros 2 of those I am familiar with. I think it is only 32 pounds but you need the sound system and that is more weight. I use the Bose Speakers with the Yam Bass woofer. I think that sound system weighs about another 30 pounds in itís roller case, but at least they are separate weights and not all one big weight.

I am going to sell the Tyros 2 if you get interested in that and canít find one closer to Florida as I am on the west coast.

Good luck in your research.