Hi Graham.

I've heard the Kawai before purchasing it as well as the Yamaha digital range which sounded more like the Tyros 1 with piano keys, so it is definitely what I am looking for. The fitted CDRW and 16 track multi recorder will also come in handy.

The problem when I part exchanged the SD1 and G1000 for the PA800 (then E80) was I didn't hear those before swapping over.
There are no large music shops near me as you know, so sometimes it's pot luck before buying, but it's all worked out in the end.

I am quite happy using the VST side of things for recording, I've got loads of them and the sounds they offer are certainly equal if not better than any arranger or synth you can purchase. VST's are also far cheaper. It was a pity the Wersi couldn't integrate these to work correctly.

As for the piano, I am now giving music lessons again so this will come in very handy for people to come to me instead of myself having to travel to them.