I guess I had Diki and Craig mixed up. Craig had the E 80. Diki has the G 70.
Actually I hope that both of you guys will hang around this Roland forum and help us newbies develope our learning curves. You will be much appreciated.
I am reading the manual now and getting more excited by the page. The keyboard is due in on thursday.
I also have a Roland JV 1080 with 4 cards added to it. I wonder if it will work ok with the E 80. It hasn't been even turned on in a couple few years.
I have heard the piano on that insert card for the E 80. It is awesome. I will be buying it.
Someone please tell me about the memory cards we will need for this board.
I have lots of sd cards from the Technics keyboards and lots of thumb drives for the Yam keyboards, but what are these different ones that the Roland wants?
Best to all