Originally posted by George Kaye:
I've you haven't had your question aswered regarding expansion cards and blank memory cards, I will give you some answers.
You can buy a PCMCIA to flash card adapter ($9.95 at Fry's) and any size compact flash card. I load about 2500 roland styles, 2500 standard midi files and can load lot's more onto this memory card.
I have installed two SRX expansion boards (world and studio) into my E80 at my store. By pushing the EXP button next to the voice catagory burrons, I can toggle between all these hundreds of new and different voices.
You cannot use the cards (SRJ) out of a JV880 because these are not compatible. Only the SRX cards will work.
I hope this helps

I got the adapter for 10.00 at Frys and the 1 MG High speed compact flash for 40.00 at Frys. I have them installed and formated, but haven't put anything on them yet. Today is my day to learn to record on this E 80 and i will save it to the Card. I wonder if I should set up directories first or does the formatting do that/ I guess I will find out today.
Do you have the expansion cards in stock for sale or available with short lead times. Are there any discounts available for these exp. cards.
I think I may also need some foot switches as I don't yet know if any I have will work on this board.
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