Quoting Kingfrog
" I don;t see where I can select envelopes, effects routing, filtering, EQ on 8 elements of a voice on the Tyros."

On Tyros, Effects and EQ are set on the complete voice, not elements. The others are available on elements plus a whole host of settings which I'll just describe as your "crap load of settings" rather than list them unless you want me to

They are available on Tabs within the PC Editor named
Pitch EG (presumably Envelope Generator)
Filter EG
Amp EG
AEG Scale (Scaling offsets)
DCF (Hi & Lo pass filters)

You can take elements from existing preset voices (non SA or Mega)or add or use wav files.

I haven't seen the Motif Editor but wouldn't be at all surprised if it's more "sophisticated" in it's design than the Tyros one.

With all the concern and debate with differentiating between Work Stations and Arrangers I find it ironic that Yamaha continue to call their Tyros's "Digital Workstations" as described on the front of the manual and printed on the case, bottom right under "Tyros2 or 3" etc.