My good old S90ES has 4 elements per voice max, Motif XS and Motif XF have 8 elements/ voice.

Since Tyros has the same sound engine as the newer Motifs, how does Tyros handle these elements, seems like they are hidden somewhere deep intoo the soundengine and can't be tweaked/edited by users. Or is the Tyros 3 sound engine totally different?

Its easy to find how much Wave rom Motif instruments have... (XF has 760MB) but its much harder to find how much wave rome current and older Tyros versions have. I know T1 has 96 MB, but how about T2, T3 and espescially T4?

All in all the online video's seem to indicate that T4 will sound just as good as Motif XF, but then with a lot less sounds and only minor sound edditing abilities. But then T4 makes up for that by outshining Motif with its excellent SA and SA2 voices.

All in all i am just interested to know the differences in the sound engine.
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