Jim, my take on the ego comment was a general observation about the inverse relationship, sometimes, between ability/talent and ego.

Over the 50 plus years I've been working in this business, the biggest "over the top" egomaniacs have been people of marginal ability, at best.

The "monsters" are secure and, as a general rule, extremely polite, humble and enjoyable to be with. Rory, for instance, is a certified "monster", in my opinion, and there isn't a person more enjoyable to hang out with. He's secure in his abilities and a genuinely nice guy.

That goes for here, too. In my opinion, some of the most "in your face" posters are on the low end of the talent pool.

Key words here are "in my opinion", and nothing would be accomplished as a result of identifying specific individuals.

Same thing is true in most facets of the business world and any creative field.

The people who have it together are cool. The ones unsure of themselves let egos overcome their brains and mouths.

This is just a general observation/opinion, certainly not intended to offend anyone.

Diki's "tongue in cheek" comment sort of told the story as only he can, probably offending some, which speaks to the general theme of this entire post.


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