I was looking around over the week-end at a bunch of instruments in the warehouse on my annual, pathetic effort to "trim the fat".

Looked at lots of basses, banjos, guitars, vibes, keyboards, etc.

It occurred to me that, prior to joining the "zone", none of the people I was associated with in the music business EVER had the kind of heated, passionate discussions about the brands and models of instruments they played, with other players.

As you know, sometimes, it gets a little "heated" around here, to say the least.

Guitar players, bass players, drummers and horn players have their preferences, naturally, but that's mostly related to style preferences and comfort with particular instruments. They HARDLY EVER argue that "theirs is the best", or put down what others play like people sometimes do here.

Is that because arranger players are so dependent on the specific "missing band members" features of the arranger?

Is that because OMB ego's take over?

Is that because of the anonymous nature of internet communications?

Just strikes me as being odd, and sometimes really sad!