Yeah, Russ, before you start thinking that SZ is an isolated example of 'brand-ism' you REALLY need to get out on the web and realize that, for all the shenanigans that makes you roll your eyes, quite honestly, it's a pretty tame place compared to MANY. One of the advantages of mostly being elderly people, I guess!

Trust me, if you think THIS place gets infantile, you have NO IDEA how bad it gets, out there!

One of the things that drives the 'brand-ism' here also is just HOW related brand and capability are... On a guitar forum, well, guitars are all pretty much the same! (See how even that simplistic statement can get a guitarist a bit heated up! ). But guitars, they pretty much ALL got frets, six strings, pickups, tuners, you name it. Doesn't stop some pretty heated exchanges, single coil vs. hummmers, vintage vs. new, etc..

But arrangers have some wildly different approaches, even form factors, very different capabilities, and sometimes even a whole different demographic they are supposed to appeal to. Throw them ALL in the same mix, you are going to get friction...

Compared to most forums, to be honest, SZ is a sea of tranquility!