Originally posted by captain Russ:

Is that because arranger players are so dependent on the specific "missing band members" features of the arranger?

Is that because OMB ego's take over?

Is that because of the anonymous nature of internet communications?

Just strikes me as being odd, and sometimes really sad!


Russ, many forums are as colorful as SZ...just check out Piano World or some of the guitar sites.

SZ is not a brand specific forum, and the heated exchanges seem to be a natural part of this type of forum

Non-specific brand automotive forums are much the same...GM vs Ford, Honda vs Toyota, Yugo vs Ketron...er, scratch that last one...Ketron don't make cars...yet.

Just don't say anything you wouldn't say to a person face to face...that's usually a good rule.

Threatening remarks, racist comments, and foul language have no place on any forum, in my opinion.

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