I just read all the replies. Very interesting. Over the years I have noticed musical things about myself that I think are a talent. I'm sure others have this but I don't think everyone does. I don't say this with conceit but as a matter of interest to the discussion.

I've noticed since I was young that I could learn the scales on say the harmonica and then I could hear which note of a scale any song I knew should start on. No matter the complexity of a song I've always been able to just hear where "one" is. Once I have the chords and song structure in mind I seem to out of nowhere be able to make up an infinte number of melodies. I mention this because I would think many of you have these (and other) things that I would say are God given talents but not everybody has them. I was hoping as I read the replies that some would mention specific things that you just feel for music without really knowing how you do them.

I just put a video on a website where I am improvising a flute solo from my Korg arranger and feel I could keep on going with new melody ideas and never run out of them. If anyone would care to hear this you can at: www.soundclick.com/jerryfeheley The song title is "Lookin Good".

I hope my comments do not come off wrong. I just want to offer some opinions and an example of what I am playing.