it arrived yesterday and i was up till very ridiculous hours playing it last night / this morning. (I am feeling extremely tired right now at work in the office)

comparing to a Tyros 2 - The PSR is definitely a better sounding board.

I play alot of synth / trance / electro music and the S910 has definitely been given a huge upgrade since the Tyros 2 in that area.

it has way more better pad voices, synth leads, dance hooks, synth basses and drum kits.

it is definitely punchier and more crisp sounding that the Tyros 2 - and this is on the "flat" EQ setting.

the key feel is still soft and spongy but none the less the quality of the key bed is much higher than the previous PSR models.

I have a Motif XS and there are definitely sounds taken straight off the Motif XS and thrown into the PSR S910.

to sum this board up, its like a Tyros 2 which has been upgraded to a much better range of synth sounds, basses and drums but with a softer key feel and no after touch.

every other voice from the Tyros 2 is in the PSR S910 (so far).

one cool thing i found when you browse through the sound category folders is a folder called "Legacy". it has all the legacy voices off previous PSR and Tyros models!!

cant wait to get home tonight to keep jamming on this keyboard!

Korg PA4x / Yamaha PSR SX900 / Roland G70 / Roland BK9