I always liked that BIAB styles had different subsets within a style variation, so that even though in the past there were only 2 variations per style, there was some randomness because you could have several different accompaniments per instrument within each variation. The concept is one I'd love to see brought into hardware arrangers, but also with some real time controllers like those in Karma. If Korg ever decided to make a PA something or other that also incorporated the elements of the karma system, ( which could also be turned off ) I'd buy it the first day it was available, sight unseen.

Problem for me is, that outside of the jazz and a scant few other styles, not many of BIAB's styles sounded realistic to me. I tried even using my best vsti's and samplesets, but for me it pretty much just isn't quite there. I thought the styles in Jammer Pro were a little more lively, but unfortunately beginning with version 5, a new interface was introduced, and while it allowed for use of actual midi data for creation of new styles, it also eliminated a very key element for me - drum ghosting. It also forced me to go through several more steps to create as I did in Jammer 4 ( I almost never used the premade styles in it ).

As far as using something like BIAB live ? Not interested. I think One Man band is about as good as it gets for live software, and I can pull it off easily using my Motif ES as a controller. Just as easy as playing my T2 in most respects. The problem however, is in getting the best sounds. It's easy to work with when I use the SGM180 soundfont or my SYXG-50 module, but for me the whole point of using a vst system is for getting better sounds, and it becomes very cumbersome when I try to use my best sounds ( BFD drums, Trilogy Bass, Chris Hein Guitars for example ) and then have to change them on the fly. Just for starters, the sample libraries are huge and don't load instantly.

Then there is the problem of having to navigate off of the laptop. In the end, for live solo play, it's too much thinking about technical stuff.... for me, anyway. Now in a band setting, that's a whole other story. I can switch quickly enough between B4 for example, and a minimoog vst simply by loading each vst on seperate midi channels in FL Studio ( or Chainer, Forte, Phrazor ..etc )and then using my Motif ES in sequencer mode. I keep channel 1 clear in FL, so that I can return to the internal ES voices just from the ES itself. I could fill the other 15 channels up with "vst presets" ( for lack of a better term ). Normally I only load a few.


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