Hi Guys,
would be great if they could add realtime functions to BIAB, but maybe not enough people really want it.

The Jammer creators, had similar sort of progam. They created a realtime cut down version a few years ago called Jammer Live. Problem is they never upgraded Jammer Live past version1.
The main version ( without realtime functions) is probably up to version 6, maybe even version 7.

I first bought Jammer vers.1 going back something like 15years ago. Faithfully upgraded every 2 or 3 years till I got to version 5. A few of us were agitating about an upgrade for Jammer Live program also. They finally announced they had no intention of ever upgading it..
I dumped the lot. Only reason I kept upgrading the normal version was for the style creation functions that Jammer Live didn't have.

I can only assume the realtime functions weren't required by the majority of users.
It was a great little program.

best wishes
best wishes
Rikki 🧸

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