Hi Bernie,
you don't seem to mention it anymore, so I was wondering if you still used it,or whether you'd sold it because it hadn't worked out..

Reason I asked is a Receptor popped up locally on Ebay. I'd sort of half considered getting one to midi to my Korg.
Still can't decide whether it would be worth it for me, or more's the point, whether I can convince hubby I need one, which of course I don't. Still, I luv trying out new stuff. haahaa

best wishes

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Bernie9:
[B]Hi Rikki
I bought the Receptor, originally, to take the place of the KN7000 someday. I didn't count on the lack of style accompaniment. Hence, I use it in the 20 pc band I play in. The Receptor is great as a repository of pristine VST patches and B4II etc, but I am an arranger player, primarily.
best wishes
Rikki 🧸

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