Hi Donny,
don't know if you ever use midifiles or mp3's on stage? but Biab could be an option for creating those, rather than trying to use BIAB live.
The songs can always do with a bit of extra tricking up.
As you know, I don't perform, but if I did, not sure I'd want to use the program Live, though apparently some do.

The reason I like it , is that, it has some styles available, that I've never found on a keyboard ie
Classical styles: Orchestral ( Strauss, Mozart etc) as well as piano styles for Chopin etc etc

Soundtrack styles : including Outer Space type themes, tinkly newage piano styles etc etc
Even automatically creates a soundtrack

"you select the genre, length of time, instruments, and fade-in/fade-out options. The SoundTrack adjusts the tempo and duration to match the settings, and then allows you to save the file as a WAV, WMA (Windows Media Audio), or MP3 file for further use in your own projects. Generate original music (over 20 genres) or select from over 50 supplied SoundTrack types (Bluesy/Excite/Healing/Jazzy/Tropics, etc.). For example, you can generate a 30-second audio music clip in the genre of your choice in just a few seconds."

OK so not much use to a performer, & I haven't tried the soundtrack option as yet, but the program does some amazing stuff.
It will automatically generate an intro for a song, sometimes not brilliant, hence I wouldn't want to use it live, but if I keep pressing the "intro" to regenerate, sometimes it comes up with a really nice chord progression. I've used a few of them in my PA800 user styles.

Apart from the strange genre 's I mentioned above, there's a lot of jazz /swing styles available, lots of country styles etc etc
I don't like it's latin styles.
There's 100's of additional styles available, & I always upgrade the megapacks.
Much cheaper than individual style disks.

best wishes
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best wishes
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