Hi Rikki
I bought the Receptor, originally, to take the place of the KN7000 someday. I didn't count on the lack of style accompaniment. Hence, I use it in the 20 pc band I play in. The Receptor is great as a repository of pristine VST patches and B4II etc, but I am an arranger player, primarily.

I have kept BIAB and PT Pro updated for the past six or seven years, but haven't found any real reason to use it, except for real drums, but, here again, it does not lend itself to live performance. Occasionally, I play over SMF files. I could import them to BIAB, but the lead window is too hard to read compared to Composer or MidiIllustrator. Maybe I'm missing something, as I do not know BIAB very well.

pa4X 76 ,SX900, Audya 76,Yamaha S970 , vArranger, Hammond SK1, Ketron SD40, Centerpoint Space Station, Bose compact