The G70 is a great keyboard, both in the build quality and in that it is designed more like a "Pro" board and not like one for "home" use. I've never owned a keyboard with speakers built in, and the last 61 key instrument I owned was a Korg I3 (about 20 years ago)and it was midi-ed to an 88 key Roland.

I have taken the G70 out on a few gigs, but it was on the top tier of a 2 tier keyboard stand and midi-ed to the MSX88 Pro Mediastation beneath it. I prefer the fully weighted hammer action and 88 keys. I am now just taking the Mediastation by itself. I have moved anything that I needed over from the G70 and I'm using the G70 at home to take advantage of its styles that the Mediastation doesn't have.

Also I prefer either Giga sounds for my piano or NI Akoustik Piano, but I feel that the Roland is one of the better ROM Piano sounds of any major keyboard brand with the exception of Kurzweil and they don't make a portable arranger.

If you would like to demo the G70, just let me know I am in SC also. I'll send you an email with contact info.

In the end, pick what feels right for you. There are a lot of happy musicians here playing keyboards that I have no interest in, and there are many who would not like the keyboards that I use. That is why we're fortunate to have several choices, everyone has different priorities and requirements.

As long as you can express your music and enjoy doing it then you have made the right choice.