I have read and reread different forums and still am not close to making a decision on an arranger. Perhaps if the US had the E80 I would lean in that direction. I like the G70 and they can be had refurb for less than $2000. However I believe the G70 is old news and he E80 is the current TOTL Roland. None in the US..

The Korg is nice but the S900 sounds better to me and has MUCH more support and styles for far less money. I do like the pads better on the Korg. I was reqady t drop $3600 on a Pa@x becasue its the newest keyboard.

I keep coming back to Yamaha for the sounds and styles. The G70's 76 keys layout and OS is nice but I cannot find enough demos to really judge the sounds. If I buy the S900 I will have to buy an 88 key P-85 with it.

I guess that is the way to go. for $2k. although there is "something about the G70" that keeps me coming back.

My requienments
Yamaha Tyros 4
Yamaha Motif XS8
Roland RD700
Casio PX-330
Martin DC Aura
Breedlove ATlas Solo