I quite like the sound and layout of the PA2X Pro but am disappointed by the recent shift in Korg's build quality, or lack thereof. Many manufacturers have taken a downward turn and have decided to use cheaper materials to make their instruments. Yamaha has been notorious for doing so for many years (PSR and Tyros for example) and now Korg has taken Yamaha's queue. The new Korg M3 workstation and PA2X arranger are departures from their previous instruments and while they may look cool, they certainly don't pass my quality/materials test. The PA2X Pro is definitely better built than say an M3 or Tyros II but compare either one of these to the build quality of a Korg Oasys and you'll be sickened by it all.

Perhaps I'm different than many other players who don't seem to care if a keyboard is built with cheap plastic parts, has a poor key action, or buttons that seem so flimsy that they'll snap off, but I think any keyboard that costs more than $2,000.00 should look like it's worth $2,000.00+, not $200! I've seen cheap toys at Wal-Mart that have better materials than many of these new arrangers. There's definitely something wrong with that picture!