Im giving the Pa2x a second look. reason being is I am used to a workstation and the Korg is a workstation AND arranger. I am used to recording all the parts myself. In this case I can add just a bass styles or replace any part with instruments from different styles.

I really want 76 keys so I don't have to buy two keyboards. After download the Korg demos (not Mp3) and putting them up on my sound system I have to say the Korg equals the Tyros in many areas.

The S900 is a great "sound module" but the lack of sliders and controllers turn me off..
There are some things that need not be imbedded deep in the non touch screen.

I just read the Korg has digital out. Thats a great feature and a good match for my Prosonus Firebox. I will ask a few questions of the Korg Pa2X and PA800 owners in another thread if you guys don't mind.
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