Yep, two thumbs up for a used G70.

You are paying nearly half what I payed for my brand new one, they are built (and weigh!) like tanks, so I would be very surprised if it isn't still in good shape...

There are a FEW things that have been improved, soundwise, on an E80, and a couple of OS improvements, but blindfolded, you might be hard pressed to tell the difference. The 'pro' connections on the G70 make a big difference if you gig, with separate outputs for the vocal section and the arranger (and four outputs for the arranger alone).

But I still stand by my opinion that this keyboard is the best compromise between an arranger and a full 'live band' keyboard, and has been my #1 go to keyboard for ALL my live playing, whether band or solo, and has started to get the call for quite a few sessions, lately (the piano sits quite nicely in a lot of mixes)...

It's heavy, sure (but strangely, the E80 weighs more!), but nowhere near the back-breaking weight of my K2500!
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!