Ian...Good Possibility! I Really like the Sax,Guitars and alot of Styles on the Yamaha...Kinda liked Diki's Idea used G-70 with Psr-900 on top. I don't take my keyboards out much...Always enjoyed playing Piano with Style(full keyboard) and reaching up adding some Sax,etc using both boards live...Nice to have both Roland and Yamaha Styles...The strengths of each Company.
John...I'm not really crazy about the keybed action of the A37. It's a very light and compact controller though. Is the Midjay really designed to function work as a arranger?
Cassp...No problem Sir...It sounds like your E-60 works well for You.
But... The New Korg Pro2 sure makes your mouth water...76 Keys, Beautiful keyboard,compact,Great sounding Piano. Everyone Sure seems pretty happy with their 800's and Pro's!
I sure hope My Wife says "Job well done Dear on the House Project" I think You better replace Your Arranger Keyboard Now!!!