Thanks Everyone for your kind words!...Maybe if I share a little more about myself it will help. At present I own NO arranger. The last 1-2 Years I have been renovating our Home,doing 80% of the work myself plus my full time job. Getting our Home in order before retirement,etc. My son builds Homes. My wife will retire from Her full time job in the next few months. She will work part time from Her new Home office for My Son...I hope to retire in 2-3 Years...Maybe I'll be the coffee Guy for my Son!....So much for all that stuff...but my time has been really limited. Hopefully opening up soon.
My Wifes Piano is a Roland RD-300sx Stage Piano very nice. Has the Ultimate Grand X Sample as the G-70, etc...Pretty light also...The only thing I have some arthritus in my fingers. It bothers me to ply the hammer action very long.
BUT....I'm really getting the bug for a arranger again...checking in on this forum,U-tube,Ketron Audia,New Tyros coming,psr-900,New Korgs out,G-70 with the new os system it's darn near driving me up the wall!!!! I've owned quite a few. I'll agree with most here, each has their strengths,etc...One nice thing I still have a Roland A-37 76 key controller if I need to use it. I do prefer 76 keys...
Hummmmmmm... How long can I hold off???