Hey Cass, while I've got you. What are you using with that 808s and how well does it 'pull off' the 'leslie' thing when used with you XK1? You were very correct about the Cerwin Vegas not cutting it and I've been half-heartedly looking for replacements every since. I was considering the SA-1000 from Roland but suspect that I'd need two and don't want to pay 2400 beans for the pair. I always feel uncomfortable (now that I'm old) going down to the music store with my C1 under my arm, asking to audition a dozen different speakers; powered and unpowered/808s. I need a STRONG recommendation now, which I will purchase from a store with a good return policy. Generally, I lean towards keeping the 808s and going with two unpowered, 12" cabs, < 35lbs, and not over $500 ea. What say you?

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