Hello Everyone!...I'm one,have been for about 4 years. Mostly home Keyboard player,self taught who Loves Music.My Wife is a Pianist. I'm 59 Years young...
Neigel deserves alot of gratitude for providing this wonderful forum, Thank You! I read the forum daily. Really alot of Great People. So much talent. I see Many Professionals taking their talents to Senior Living Centers,etc...That is Wonderful!!! Putting the JOY of Music in their Lifes.Thank You So much. My Step-father 92 years young just entered a senior center.
I also enjoy learning the ins and outs of the Different Arrangers. How A Yamaha may fit one's needs, Maybe Roland another,Korg another,etc...That's GOOD It would be boring if Everyone used the SAME!
One thing I think about and don't see much of is...little partipation on the forum other than the usuals(no offense)....
I know one of the greatest Character traits of most Musicians is sharing what they have already learned with others...to TEACH,To HELP, To put Music into the Hearts of others...To me This is the Ideal place.
Maybe the lurkers need to be ask How can We Improve to help to You Grow in Your Music?
Maybe they are affaid to come aboard because they are not accomplished Musicians?
Maybe they are afraid because of the bickering?
Maybe they are afaid because if they post music it will become a outside bickering take over?...Gee look at Frans post I guess I love to be punished...We understand the Humor, but do they?
What Do all You fine People think?...I'm just a average Joe!