THE VA-7 IS THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!

If you connect a G-1000 to a XV-3080 and a VP-9000 you would get the same
sound. (who have so much money...)
What you won't get is the new arrangements/styles that are awsome
(maybe not spelled right, but anyway). The sounds in G-1000 and SC-8850 is
basically the same sound-set, and the ones you'll find in VA-series is based
on a combination of XV-series as well as the GM2 instruments from SC-8850.
However the D/A Converters on VA-7 are considerably better and frankly
speaking - I am totally astonished when I listen to VA-7 - I have never
heard anything better - not even from Rolands synthesizers and others......

mico about waves etc....

very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!