Shakil, Personally, I dissagree the XG is superior when it comes to SMF playback. If you are comparing the Yamaha GM set to their XG set, naturally the XG sounds better, it is their best patches. I think across the board SMF playback , the GS[ROLAND] is still the best, most sequences are written for GS, the playback is the way the originator intended it to be. I'll match up favorablly, my G1000[Roland] selecting the G1000 gm set,against the competition, especially Yamaha, even Solton.The GS instruments never play a bad sounding SMF[unless it is a poor sequence], I can not say the same for the PSR series[With XG or their GM], or the Solton X1,and of course Korgi series. I am not saying the other instruments do not sound good, they DO,All instruments have their strenght and weaknesses in the sounds. But, for SMF playback, Give me GS...Fran