Shakil, I agree with you , mostly.The capability of some instruments to mix two drum kits is not a GS,GM,XG ect. format problem, but a hardware design limitation. If you sequence a song and use two kits, it will playback on a GS instrument. The channel asignment may have to be edited[GS can be assigned to 2 channels for drums[ch 10 is fixed]...As a side note, I have XG software[sound waves] and GS software[sound waves] that I can "A" "B" the sequences, and the GS is better across the board than the XG waves, particularly, acoustic piano, guitar,choir, strings,orchestral, and drums including cymbals[43 kits on G1000].. the XG is comparable in brass, electric piano...After all is said and done,there is no loser in Roland or Yamaha, its a matter of personal choices....Fran