I have a problem with my PSR9000 when I try
to play MIDI files. When I load some songs
from the Zip drive I get the message "illegal
data" on the screen. Why? All the MIDI files
I have are downloaded from the internet and
when I play them with my computer I have no

People have been complaining that the PSR9000
is poor on playing MIDIs. I can not agree
100%. It is true that some of the MIDIs sound
horrible with this keyboard but most of them
sound great. I think it depends of the MIDI
file you are playing.

I have been thinking of buying the MFC10
pedal. It is very expensive (2100 finnish mk)
but still. I would like to know if anyone of
you have ever used it. Any comments about
this pedal?

Last monday I was on a presentation of the new Roland VA-7. This keyboard is great but for me the PSR9000 is still the best. The
model they had on the demostration was not
the production version. The OS was not ready
and it had many bugs (my dealer told me).
Next month the keyboard will be available
with the ready made OS and the same will
happen with the PSR9000. Then it is the best
time to compare these two keyboards. The
variprase is G-R-E-A-T that I know by now.