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Can anybody here tell me what the sequencer's "timing resolution" is, in parts per quarter note (ppq), on the Solton X1 arranger keyboard as well as other arranger keyboard brands such as Yamaha, Korg, Roland, and GEM?

An important feature of a sequencer/arranger keyboard is what the maximum sequencer "timing resolution" is for both "song recording" and "style pattern" recording. Most older hardware based sequencers have a maximum resolution of 96 ppq. Some of the newer hardware sequencers like the Yamaha QY70 support 480 ppq. Computer software sequencers such as Cakewalk, Logic, and Cubase support “much higher” timing resolutions like 960 ppq and even 3,840 ppq.

The higher the timing resolution (ppq), the more accurately the recording reproduces the original “live” performance. The lower the ppq resolution, the more the performance gets altered and quantized (robotic). The difference between 480 ppq and 96 ppq may not seem substantial, but it actually can effect the outcome of the arranger style produced (a style with a live sounding spontaneous energy vs. a less inspired canned sounding one).

I have heard from reading various postings here that the Solton X1 has better “live” sounding styles than the Technics KN5000/KN6000. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the sequencer "timing resolution" that the X1 may support. The Technics KN5000 has a maximum sequencer timing resolution of 96 ppq. Even if I import sequences that I originally recorded live on my midi software sequencer at 3,840 ppq, the final result when imported to my KN5000 is only 96 ppq. This changes the performance dramatically (quantizes it down from 3,840 ppq to 96 ppq) which alters the result producing a less spontaneous “live” sound than the original. This difference may be subtle but it does makes the difference between a fantastic “exciting” live sounding style and one that is just "very good".

Because the sequencer's "timing resolution" (ppq) is so important in achieving the best song/style quality, I am very anxious to find out what the sequencer "timing resolution" is on other brands/model arranger keyboards (Solton X1, Yamaha PSR9000/8000, Korg, GEM, Roland, etc).

Thanks in advance for all feedback.

Happy arranger keyboarding to all,

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