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Many thanks for your so fast support !
I know that you are the only one who really helps just when we need help !
1)I opened the genesys with your informations. It's easy to open ! 19 screws only without to have to put the front face of the keyb downside. I like it ! and this front panel pivot ! Gem are genius

Inside the Keyb, all seems very good construct and mounted! All cables are maintened with some glue, so It's very difficult to detach one.
I m computer engeener, and the diagnostic is that the IBM HD is dead !!
2) From the first day, My genesys says : "battery completely discharged" when I power it up. Someone says to me that the battery is soldered on the mainboard, so I must send my genesys to a reparator.
But When I open it , I saw an 3 battery ensemble, put inside a red thing, with just a screw and a connector. Is it this battery to replace? It seem easy!

Best Regards,
Dan Z from France

Hello Dan,

Thank you. I am not the only one, but I think I am at the top of the list.

I am glad you find the construction of the Genesys to be of a quality design. It is a very roadworthy instrument.

I agree that it sounds like the hard drive is dead. Please contact the distributor in your country to determine the proper route to take in getting this resolved. Or you could just buy a new hard drive since they are fairly inexpensive these days and install the O/S and then you should be ready to go.

Speaking of the operating system, there was a time when the battery voltage was not being read properly which led the user to think that the battery was defective. This has been rectified in a past O/S release. I suggest you install the latest O/S version for your model and see if that solves this issue. Again the GEM distributor in your country should be able to get you the latest O/S CD.

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