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Hello all,

I was hoping that maybe Dave or Paul would have commented. They didn't and I wonder if that's a sign.(?)



Sorry that I did not jump in here sooner, but I am traveling and it is sometimes hard to get the time to visit the forums. I do try to answer inquires as fast as possible, those that come through the GEM support e-mail address as well as those on this and other forums.

I am not sure what you meant by your comment, but rest assured that Paul and I and everyone else at General Music are working very hard and things are just great here and getting better every day, so please let's stop these kind of destructive comments here and now. OK?

Anyone with an operational question on a GEM product is welcome to send an e-mail to support@generalmusicus.com. These messages are delivered directly to me and I will check these first if I am running short on time. If you have issues not relating to a normal product support inquiry, feel free to ask me and I will direct you to the proper contact.

As for the software upgrade issue, I will have to contact Italy and find out why you are having difficulties. I will post the results just as soon as I get them.

Best Regards,

Dave McMahan