Hello all,

I found out why I couldn't download the latest OS for the WK8SE from GEM's web site. A security patch for IE that came out in early February removes the feature or ability that allows a username and password to be embedded into the URL.

Here's what I mean, if we were to go to GEM's (Italy) website, navigate to the Download section of the WK8SE and click on the link to the new OS, we would get the following URL:


Notice the beginning of the URL, the "uuser003:gem" part. This is the username and password that is used to allow access to the GEM storage server holding the wk8se.zip file. Before MS security patch 832894, this syntax would have worked. But for a lot of us Windows users that are set for automatic updates, this feature was removed. Sure, you can strip out the username and password and submit it manually to the following URL:


Username = uuser003
Password = gem

But how many folks are going to know to do that?

Another way would be to do what the following MS Knowledgebase article suggests:


I've already informed the web programmers here at work that they might be re-coding some web pages if they were using this style of embedding.

Bottom line is, I got the new OS for the WK8SE and I will load that into my WK8 soon (with fingers crossed).