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I am not sure what you meant by your comment, but rest assured that Paul and I and everyone else at General Music are working very hard and things are just great here and getting better every day, so please let's stop these kind of destructive comments here and now. OK?

Wow, it never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to misinterpret written word.

Dave, I'm sorry if you thought something I said was destructive. Quite frankly, I'm pretty much blown away by that statement. But I'm not going to rant here. Instead, I'll explain what I meant by using the word "sign".

The "sign" I was referring to was....You weren't allowed to comment, to say something. This wasn't an authorized upgrade. If it was, GEM would have posted it on their site. How did I even hear about this upgrade...Through a post from another user.

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Today I succeeded in flashing the WK8 to a WK8SE... Now I compared the update files from WK8SE to WK8LE; but I can't find much different things. But there are some different things in it; maybe different perfomances and sounds.

Could Paul of Cris comment on this?

You know how many comments he got back from Paul or Chris...Zippo, nada! Did that bother me?...Not at all. It didn't sound like something a manufacturer was going to recommend but I was still intrigued. And so I asked, should I do this? No response.

A little later on it gets brought up again and this time you respond:

Originally posted by WDMcM:
Finally, I see no reason to try and load the SE operating system into you WK-8. if I come up with a reason, I will let you know.

Great, that's all I wanted to hear. So I proceed to download the latest OS for the WK8SE from Italy. Doesn't work. I email tech support. They respond, it should work, just click on the link. I respond back, not working here. End of communication. I proceed to troubleshoot, solve, and state my findings at the beginning of this thread.

A new problem surfaces, a few attempts are made to rectify but to no avail. And all along nobody official is chiming in (no offense Joost). Again I think, that's okay, maybe they can't, maybe they don't want to be liable. Another interested party asks about the upgrade (tazar). I'm about to answer when my third attempt failed and so I posted my wish for you and/or Paul to say something, anything, but alas, maybe you can't.

(obviously I didn't wait long enough)

There. That's what I meant.

What did you think I meant?

Mike Sutliff

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