on the mackie srm450 heat issue,
when you leave the speakers on the floor on their side like a monitor this makes the rear COOLING FINS lay in a Horozontal Position (about 20 12" fins) thus the heat which rises from them cannot Cool fast enough and the heat builds up to a hotter level. If the heat becomes to much the Mackies have a Thermal Sensor Shutoff and the Amp will shutdown at a certian temperture. This has happened to me 2x so far until I learned the fan Trick, (ONLY when I have them layed down on the floor in hot weather or hot stage lights or when playing hard Loud music like a disco song etc) at low volumes it doesn't happen. If this occures
the red light will come on and you will have to wait for the unit to cool off about 5 minutes then it will be ok again to work. Here are two tips, try to alway keep the SRM 450 on a stand so that the cooling fins can Cool Properly as designed ( they have NEVER shut off on a stand indoors or outside ) if your gonna put them on the floor only, I use a small 6" portable fan on right against the Fins to prevent this happening during a show. With that aside, NOTHING Sounds better then the Mackies SRM 450's that I have heard so far,.!!!


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