Hi KeyboardFreak. It sounds as if you've tried powered speakers and desire a change. The Samson TM300 is a 300 Watt system that delivers only 150 watts per side -- that's probably a little underpowered (although the price is right). However, if you're just playing small venues, then it might do OK.

The Mackie 808s (stereo) and the the 808M (mono) are both 1,200 watt amps and deliver 450 watts @ 4 ohms to each C300 speaker (no advantage for powered speakers here). The specs for the Mackie 808S/M with C300 speakers are the same as the SRM450s, and they sport DSP effects that the powered speakers don't. They also give you MANY MORE INPUTS and choices as to what you can do with it. Forget running monitors with the powered speakers, they can't handle it. I really don't think there's much of a decision on this one. Still, I guess it becomes just a matter of personal choice. I want the freedom to replace my speakers when something better comes along without having to throw my whole system out.

I've listened to the Yamaha EMX860 with the 12" Club Series speakers at a local music store . . . they sound very good (not as good as the Mackie System but they cost a lot less too). The EMX860 has 3 separate amps (one amp drives the monitors) each generating 200 watts of power. So, each speaker is driven at 200 watts.

I'm looking to upgrade too but I'm on a limited budget for this. Some of the guys on this board buy new equipment nearly every year. The latest and greatest is only good enough for them until the next NAMM show. Wish my life were that simple. My system MUST be within my budget and MUST LAST for a at least a few years (Bill Gates ain't my daddy).

KeyboardFreak, if you happen onto a good deal on the Mackie system or find something really great please let me know.
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