Thanks for all the info guys...... I'm not looking to buy any new gear right now, sometime later. I don't really want a change from powered speakers, I agree they sound great...... it just seems that for the price of two good powered speakers I could get a good powered mixer and two unpowered speakers. It seems that since some of you said you can't really drive a monitor or other speakers from a powered speaker, any other speakers I would want to get (monitors, another speaker) I would have to get powered, costing about $700-1000 more (all together) than their non-powered counterparts..... If I got a powered mixer I could add more speakers at will and not worry about having to get them powered too. Thinking about it though..... If I get another good powered speaker and a good unpowered mixer that would probably work.... then I wouldn't have an unused speaker (the powered one I have now) and I guess the sound would be better too.... which in the end is what really matters. Thanks again guys.

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