I agree with you totally Stevizard..... Right now I'm using a powered loudspeaker for my XV-88, and even though I love having everything in one package, when I go to buy more speakers some day I will definitely go unpowered and get a good powered mixer...... It just makes more sense to me that way. Then if I want to add some better speakers or some monitors I don't have to shell out the extra $200-400 to get them powered too, the mixer will take care of that. Just one question..... what are some good powered mixers out there that run about $500-1000.... I'm looking at a Roland CPM300??? (I'm not sure if that's right) A Samson TM300 (Again not sure if it's right) and others..... Oh, and I want the tabletop kind, not the box version. Oh and can I run a powered speaker without power and just use it as a regular speaker???? If I do get a powered mixer I wouldn't want to kill the speaker by amping the sound twice.

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