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Jump to new posts Chord Recognition on the Ketron SD 40 by Torch @ Yesterday at 11:36 PM

Does anyone know if the Ketron SD40 can merge at least two incoming midi channels to spell out chords? I know that the BK7m and some Korg arranger keyboards (if not all) can do it. Thanks, Chris
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Jump to new posts For Yamaha users... by adimatis @ Yesterday at 11:11 PM

Hi guys, I was wondering, how easy or successful is to replace the stock drum sounds in PSR line with new kits made of external samples? I know there is this YEM software that is seems it allows it, but had only very limited examples on YouTube tha
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Jump to new posts When the lady plays by Bachus @ 01/20/18 11:24 PM

In my world i don't see many female keyboardists performing live on stage.. and if they do they play piano's. Seems in Brooklyn they gathered them all an made a video of it, most of them playing vintage synths. Which brings me back to my q
Yamaha Arranger Keyboard Forum
Jump to new posts my take on the genos after 2 intensive weeks by philip2000 @ 01/20/18 10:18 PM

i waited about 2 months before the thing actually got delivered. I have been playing with it for about 18 days now...and i am talking hours at a time! I have read the manuals (and am still digging through the online version of it). please keep in min

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