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#59972 - 08/03/03 06:45 AM Re: updat kn7000 1.5
Chuck Piper Offline

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Hi Bill and Mike,

I want to echo your comments, Bill. I was going to add my thoughts earlier this morning to Mike's remarks, but decided not to respond. Your good sense to wait until you have a Technics approved version of an update is wise. Third party updates are not always the panacea they purport to be. They may in fact introduce new bugs. If you wait for the Technics update and install it and you have problems, you have recourse to Technics to fix it. As Chris said, Technics will not honor a warranty when the owner has installed software that has been developed by a third party.

As for Mike's remarks about having problems part exchanging a keyboard that has not been updated, I seriously doubt any dealer is going to tell a prospective customer he will not do a deal because the latest software update is not installed. He'll sell the keyboard and install the update himself, or more likely, sell the old keyboard "as is" since it is working fine anyway.

And as for the remarks about selling a computer, I am like a lot of people. If something meets my needs, why get rid of it? Hence, I am running a four-year old computer with Windows 95 and am very happy with it. I also have a three-year old KN6000 and am happy with it as well. I will likely buy the next generation Technics flagship keyboard, but only if it has been significantly upgraded from the KN7000. Otherwise, I will buy a KN7000 at a much reduced price and be happy.

I am not one that has to have the "latest and greatest". I pick and choose what I want based on goals and needs. Just a little bit of wisdom I picked up along life's way over the past 73 years.


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#59973 - 08/03/03 11:39 AM Re: updat kn7000 1.5
lahawk Offline
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So the upgrade does the following:
(as per Mike O'R's post),

1. Bitmap pics for HOME page can now be selected.
2. SD-Card "%age free" is now corrected
3. Drum Track with transposed files corrected for use with MIDI out.
4. Audio files on SD-Card are all now recognised.
5. The SD-Card Control File will no longer be corrupted
6. Corrections to Technichords which either don't work or produce the wrong results e.g. "add9", "madd9"
I am upgrading MY 7000 - what about you??
Mike O'R

My answer: I had zero problems with any of that, do you ? That's why I'm not upgrading.

Larry Hawk
Larry "Hawk"

Hawk Music

♫ 🎹🎹 ♫ SX-900

#59974 - 08/03/03 02:43 PM Re: updat kn7000 1.5
Walt Meyer Offline

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I've had my .INF SD Card control file corrupted two times. With over 100 tailored setups on the card, it would have been disaster if I hadn't had good up-to-date backups.
This was enough to cause me to update. I just hope that it corrects the problem as promised. Time will only tell.

#59975 - 08/03/03 03:22 PM Re: updat kn7000 1.5
LeonB Offline
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Hallo all,

my K7 has 1,3 version and I am very satisfied with it.
While I was reading this text I wish to update my "darling".
And I did it.
I was following instructions and finished it succesfuly.
(first V 1,4 and V 1,5) My K7 now works good without any problems.
As it was said before, differences are not so important for playing music.

My opinion. If procedure is correctly done, you can get more with a few effort.
I understand all who have distrust for update but don't understand Panasonic UK.
Why don't they test new update and say if it is good or not and absolve this dilemma?

Best regards from Leon !

#59976 - 08/04/03 04:50 AM Re: updat kn7000 1.5

All the talk of updates centers of the UK.
I have e-mailed Eddie Williams, Panasonic USA. He has been very helpful to me in the past. When I get a response I will share it with the forum.

Fran in Florida

#59977 - 08/08/03 06:15 AM Re: updat kn7000 1.5

I received the following regarding the 1.5 update. Will follow up with a phone call today.

Fran in Florida


Dear Fran Durham,

Taiyo Music simply got the update ahead of the US. I have the 1.5 operating system upgrade at my office. I cannot monitor the Synthzone Forum because our office machines are blocked from chat rooms. I am glad in a way. If you need specifics give me a call.


Eddie Williams/Technics Musical Instruments

Technical Service Representative III

Panasonic Customer Call Center

661 Independence Parkway

Chesapeake, Va. 23320

1-800-726-8863 option 3

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From: Fran Durham []
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From: Fran Durham


Sent: Monday, August 04, 2003 6:45 AM

Subject: 7000 Update


You were very helpful to me with my 6000 several years ago and I am asking for some help again.

I am sure you follow the Technics Forum on Synth Zone.

The controversy about the updates for the 7000 coming from Taiyo and not Panasonic UK or USA is interesting. I would appreciate input from you on why Panasonic USA has not come forth with the update that was supposedly created in Japan factory. Is it safe to use the Taiyo Updates?


Fran (in Florida) Durham

Ps...Good to see the article about you in Tech Plus Club Magazine. Nice to see who you talk or write to

#59978 - 08/08/03 11:04 AM Re: updat kn7000 1.5

Spoke to Eddie Williams this morning. Mike ORegan's explanation of the 1.5 content is exactly what Eddie repeated to me.

The distribution of the 1.5 follows the same pattern as the introduction of 7000. U.S. last to know.

For 7000 owners in the U.S. he suggests you call him and he will send the 1.5 disks as it is possible on downloads to get a glitch that could cause problems. He is sending mine.

Panasonic USA does not list its Keyboard Dealers on their site, because the Dealers do not want to be listed in order to protect their territory and do not want to be undersold by someone out of state. Bebop understands this.

If you have a problem, contact Eddie. I am sure Eddie will do his best to correct it.

Fran in Florida

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