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#358243 - 01/08/13 12:53 PM AUDYA5 and SSD
Snoopy Offline

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I was curious if this would work, so I tried it.


My Audya5 is now running without moveable parts ( "normal harddisk" )... just a silent SSD.

Via an adaptor ( SSD to IDE-HD ) I connected a 120 GB SSD to my Audya 5. After formatting only 80GBs can be used but thatīs enough for me.

Due to the fact that I did a backup from my PenDrive2011 PRIOR USING IT I was able to reinstall it on the new SSD, as well as the 2012PenDrive and the UK-Styles.



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#358244 - 01/08/13 01:11 PM Re: AUDYA5 and SSD [Re: Snoopy]
leezone Offline
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You are 1 brave man. But wow nice !!!
But AJ mentioned once (I think) that it's not recommended because of constant read-write as Audya plays. AJ?

Also. What if something goes awry at a gig?

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#358254 - 01/08/13 02:40 PM Re: AUDYA5 and SSD [Re: Snoopy]
Bernie9 Offline
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Keep us posted Snoopy. If all goes well, it means an important option.

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#358283 - 01/08/13 05:04 PM Re: AUDYA5 and SSD [Re: Bernie9]
DAN.2000 Offline
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Good !

Audya constantly READS the audio drum tracks from the HD but doesn't WRITE constantly to the HD. (I hope)
Fortunately, this is writing over and over at the same place who kill the SSD, not reading.

Snoopy, do you feel any differences? smoother playing? less audya delays and bugs?


#358300 - 01/08/13 11:03 PM Re: AUDYA5 and SSD [Re: Snoopy]
Ketron User Offline

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Hello Snoopy,

I asked this before on this Forum, but AJ told me that this was not possible. I am glad You tried it, and is working.

Are there any benefits in INS and MSP loading-times ? And Booting-time ?

Wath Adapter, and witch SSD-disk did You exactly used ? I want to install it also.

Regards, and congrats,

#358303 - 01/09/13 12:14 AM Re: AUDYA5 and SSD [Re: Snoopy]
Ketron_AJ Offline

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The question here isn't if it will work or not. We didn't recommend this due to the constant accessing of HD/SSD performed by the AUDYA which will shorten the lifespan of the SSD (as compared to the HD). Snoopy will hopefully keep us updated ... and do not discard your HD ...
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#358304 - 01/09/13 12:35 AM Re: AUDYA5 and SSD [Re: Snoopy]
Tonewheeldude Offline

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Modern SSD is manufactured with 25 nm NAND (previously 3x nm MLC NAND) This means Snoopy, using his formatted 80GB could read and overwrite 10GB per day for 18.7 years before he will experience problems.

So get playing Snoopy!

#358310 - 01/09/13 01:11 AM Re: AUDYA5 and SSD [Re: Snoopy]
Tonewheeldude Offline

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I just read that 34nm NAND is now used regularly too which would mean Snoopy could write cycle 10gb a day for 31 years ...or play almost twice as fast:) and just coming in is 50nm too

I don't know what his particular drive uses, but if anyone is considering the same move, make sure you are using a drive built using at least 25nm NAND unless its going to get very light use.

#358312 - 01/09/13 01:19 AM Re: AUDYA5 and SSD [Re: Tonewheeldude]
Henni Offline
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Hi all,

I like this idea a LOT and I would definitely like to do the same. No ordinary hard drive was made to endure the shocks associated with live arranger playing & sooner or later it's going to bite you.

AJ, is it at all possible to copy the stuff over from your hard drive - you have a lot of funny copy protection stuff on it & I do not want to tamper with it until I know better.

If you would not like to answer over here, won't you please do so by email my friend?

Keep well all my friends,


PS: I now see where the weight saving comes from on the Audya 5, mine has a massive, heavy thing on the left hand side which I first thought was some old fashioned transformer, but later saw it was the internal parts of my two wheels (i.e. joystick)

That thing must weigh quite a bit by the looks of it...


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#358324 - 01/09/13 04:50 AM Re: AUDYA5 and SSD [Re: Snoopy]
Tonewheeldude Offline

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I just wanted to add - my comments above are not meant as a recommendation for everyone to rush out and buy an SSD drive and adapter for their Audya's - there are other possible compatibility issues to consider - even some standard IDE drives cause problems. It will be interesting to know how Snoopy gets on though.

Snoopy, when you turn the Audya on, is the Disk Light On all the time or does it behave normally?

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