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#194939 - 09/05/05 09:48 AM Re: Tyros 2 demo
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Well I guess the real benefit of having a sampler and or sampling capability on the Tyros II would depend on how they implement it.

The user should not have to install anything else. It should be ready to read/make 1GB worth of samples out of the box. The memory for new samples should be in flash rom.

If it can read commercially produced samples then that would make it an endless sound resource. No more buying a keyboard just for one sound.
Of course if it has full sampling and editing that would be a plus especially for those advance users who want and need that feature.

Creating and editing a sample need not be difficult nor counterintuitive. It should and can be easy and logical.

But again maybe I am just spoiled with the Genesys Pro. It is not that difficult to create and edit samples on that keyboard. The only drawback is that there isnít that much sample memory. Although having said that I have gotten around 70 extra sounds by way of the sampler.

#194940 - 09/05/05 11:42 AM Re: Tyros 2 demo
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Originally posted by Dreamer:
The Tyros voices and drum kits were sampled at 16 bit and 48 kHz; the styles don't need sampling, because they are just plain midifiles.

I knew the Multipads were midi files. I did not realize the Styles were though. Of course even though the Multipads or Styles are midi files they still use the Wav ROM which has been sampled. It may be possible I would think to have separate WAV ROM Banks where the Styles could use a different WAV ROM bank than the Voices do. If that is the case then theoretically the Styles could use a Higher Sampled Wav ROM than the Voices do. Although it's anyone's guess it that's an actuality or not.

All along I thought the Tyros samples were recorded at 12bit 22,050kHz. Thanks for setting me straight about that. Btw, how did you find out that info? If you say from the Manual I have to say I missed that one unfortunately.

PS: If the original Tyros' Wav ROM is sampled at 16bit 48kHz I wonder what the Tyros2 is sampled at? The same perhaps? It sure sounds like the Ty2's Wav ROM is recorded at a higher sampling rate to me. It may be the only difference is the super articulated Mega Voices which may be sampled at a higher rate. Which I take it would have to be a separate Wav ROM (Bank) from the rest of the Samples if they are indeed sampled at a higher rate.

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#194941 - 09/05/05 10:14 PM Re: Tyros 2 demo
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I remember reading somewhere that the Tyros I voices were sampled at 48 kHz and 16 bit (could be the owner's manual, could be an Internet site, I can't tell right now). I think that the Tyros II voices have the same sample rate, which is more than adequate for live or studio use.
The difference you hear in sound quality between Tyros I and II could be due to the different Megavoices used or could be simply an artefact of the recording technique used (a bit more of reverb or chorus, etc); sometimes they record something in mono and then another thing in stereo, to impress the listener. I wouldn't form an opinion on the sound quality until you are able to play the thing in person.
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