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#128899 - 04/28/03 04:57 PM Re: OT: Budget studio
harosha Offline

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KN_Fan: sells acoustic blankets ($17.00) each, they do a pretty good job of dampening the sound. They don't look as good though but for about $50 you can reduce some of the reflections.

Again, this won't do anything to sound proof your room.

#128900 - 04/28/03 05:22 PM Re: OT: Budget studio
KN_Fan Offline

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Hi Harosha,

I've seen that blanket...I think I'll pass. Since my keyboard is in my living room (promise I'll post the picture)- I'd rather have a sectional carpet and/or something from auralex just to cover the area where I put my speakers (just like you did with yours).

No- I'm not looking for soundproofing my room at all. Just reducing the noise from my end of the wall to my neighbors (living room to living room and all our bedrooms are upstairs so it should be not too bad)

Thanks again for your input! that auralex website is helpful!

#128901 - 04/30/03 09:48 AM Re: OT: Budget studio
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You re welcome!!!!

#128902 - 05/19/03 01:05 PM Re: OT: Budget studio
Scottyee Offline
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Here's a 'link' to a shot of Kn_Fan's (Jonas) studio that he asked me to post for him here. - Scott

Keyboard: Korg Triton
Monitors: Boston Acoustics

[This message has been edited by Scottyee (edited 05-19-2003).]

#128903 - 05/19/03 03:29 PM Re: OT: Budget studio
KN_Fan Offline

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Thanks Scottie!

What could you have possibly edited from your message?

The Boston Acoustic speakers were not professional speakers- they're my old shelf book speakers I got from my friend like almost 8 years ago. Still sounds's not like I'm going to do some serious mixing anyway. I just hooked it up to my Sony stereo system. I just connect the Triton's line outs to the Aux in on my Sony. Then, from the Sony's CD player, I hook that up to my I can listen to both through my headphones (if I feel like playing really loud at night).

I was planning on putting that auralex dampening material just on the wall behind the desk. Probably won't do me any good.

Thanks again Scott!!

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