Honestly kn7, I re-read this entire thread, and although there were a couple tongue-in-cheek comments, fail to see the reason(s) for such a display of animosity as was written in your last post. Alec P. and Bill Norrie both attempted to offer a solution to your issue. However, as you stated, perhaps you didn't "word" the problem correctly. That said, I have privately thanked both Alec and Bill many times for taking the time to assist me in various KN7000 issues. Now I say it publicly, thanks to both of you. You've both helped me out of issues which (to me) were very complex (ie - converting my old non-general MIDI files over to something that was usable on the 7000). It's unfortunate that you've chosen the path you have kn7....there is still much to be learned in here, but I guess you have to develop a little thicker skin and take a little good-natured kidding from folks...none of it is personal. Good luck with your concert. And before I forget Audrey, Tony hit it on the head, lol = laugh out loud.
Stay well, Jim Helwig